Unlock iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S iOS7 with R-SIM,support IOS 5.0~7.0!RSIM R-SIM Offical Website RSIM 9 PRO mini air,R-SIM8+,SAMSIM,3G,R-SIM5+,R-SIM6,RSIM5+,RSIM6,RSIM7,R-SIM7+,Unlock,iPhone5,iPhone4S,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak

R-SIM9+ Nano-Cloud unlocking card has been newly released after the perfectly upgraded program from R-SIM team.It will restore thereactivating bug and can be perfectly compatible with the default and generalcarriers.this unlocked card has integrateddifferent unlock patterns of iOS5.X/6.X/7.X/Bata8.X. Nanomilitary nanometer mesh technology has been adopted to controlthe production process (which brings special features:waterproof, anti-folding, anti-static etc.) Manyfactories have copied our products,but nobody can exceed us. What’s more, thereal R-SIM9+Nano-Cloud can update and supportsanti-forgery enquiry. This is the enquiry website:www.r-sim.me.More information please click

Latest news: iOS7.0-7.1.2 already jailbreak, You can free add source after jailbreak  : Also you can choose  the corresponding patch on www.isamteam.com to realize part of CDMA phones use 3 g Internet, normal text messages ,So far the Sprint, Canada , UK version, China telecom and other models can be normal unlock , Normal  3G/4G  Internet(4G Sim card  5S/5C  can internet 4G,3G /4G sim card installation  Source“  A1:3G/4G 上网(5S/5C)"), text messages, It is no doubt use new R - SIM air2 series card can let unlock function is equivalent to unlocked!.please click:

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